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Heirs to the Throne by TRDaz
Heirs to the Throne
Arcann and Vaylin are the children of the Emperor of the Eternal Empire of the planet Zakuul.

Incredibly powerful even as a child, Vaylin was a Force-user like her brothers Thexan and Arcann; when her mother saw that her young daughter was losing control and her morality as a child, she went to Valkorion for help, but Valkorion's "solution" was to mentally lock away Vaylin's powers, further damaging her personality. Vaylin and her brothers refused to leave their father with their mother when she tried to take them with her. However, when the Emperor was weakened after his defeat on Dromund Kaas, Vaylin was freed of her father's control and regained her full powers.

Arcann and his twin brother Thexan were the sons of Valkorion. They were trained from childhood to be warriors, but Arcann gradually became resentful of their father's apparent lack of interest or affection towards them. Even as they led the Empire's armies in driving back the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Arcann lost his arm and received heavy scarring to his face during an attack on the Sith world of Korriban, and gained a cybernetic arm and mask covering the left half of his face. Arcann became furious when, after he and Thexan presented the lightsabers of the fallen Jedi and Sith as trophies from the battle to their father, Valkorion turned away in silence, and overcome by the dark side of the force, Arcann attempted to attack the Emperor. Thexan, in an attempt to prevent his father's death, pulled his brother back. Arcann turned his attention to Thexan and struck out at him, but their brief duel ended when Arcann struck his brother down with a cut across the stomach, and the glint of the dark side faded from his eyes while he cradled Thexan. After his brother's passing, Valkorion instructed Arcann, his now only son, to come with him.


Arcann and Vaylin are property of Lucasarts, Disney and Bioware
They are taken from the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion from Star Wars: The Old Republic
Posed in XNALara
Rendered in Blender 2.75a Cycles
The Jedi Will Pay by TRDaz
The Jedi Will Pay
Darth Nuramas, originally named Nura, was born on the planet of Shili and lived with her parents and her only sister. One day she visited a nearby village which her parents wouldn't allow her to do. While there she was confronted by a strange man, who told her that the Republic destroyed a planet that was called Ziost because the people who lived there wouldn't accept the Republic's help, and would rather accept the Empire's help. This made her believe that her parents lied to her about the Republic and Jedi being the good side in the war. However she did not know that the Empire actually destroyed Ziost, the man she met was a Sith Lord named Darth Teshan who was just brainwashing her as he knew she was strong in the force. Nura went back home, but anger took over her, and she attacked her family. She killed her parents in the process, and cut off her sister's arm. After this she ran back into the village, to the Sith Lord and began her training as a Sith. She eventually became a Sith Lord herself and still believes what her master told her. She vows to make the Jedi pay for what they did, and knows she will eventually meet her sister in battle, who is now a Jedi Master.


Darth Nuramas is my OC, please do not steal this work, or the story.
Posed in XNALara
Rendered in Blender 2.75a Cycles
I will not be distributing this model to others, other than close friends, please do not ask for it.
Thanks to xXFreakyUnderworldXx for advice in the rendering and the post processing.
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Hey guys!
Thank you so much for all the happy birthday messages I got, it really means alot :hug:
I know I haven't been active alot on here but life has been getting in the way... with college starting and having some health problems I haven't felt like doing things, or just haven't been able to. Buuutt, im trying my best, and hopefully once everything is sorted I'll get back to it.
SO AGAIN, thanks for all the bday messages (and for the bday presents those of you that made them u fabulous betches) :huggle:

~ Daz
Star Wars OC - Darth Nuramas by TRDaz
Star Wars OC - Darth Nuramas
> Part of JoesHouseOfArt's July OC Competition.… <

Darth Nuramas was once part of a family sided with the Republic. Born on the planet Shili, during the Clone Wars, she lived with her parents and her older sister, who began training as a Jedi. As she was living there she was corrupted by a Sith, who told her lies about the Jedi and the Republic. This forced her to turn against her family, killing her parents and wounding her sister. She ran away and hid in Shili with the Sith she was corrupted by, and she was trained to fight against the Jedi. 

Darth Nuramas wields two double-bladed lightsabers, one which is orange, one which is red. She was trained in a special form of lightsaber combat as no other Sith at the time had used two double-bladed lightsabers.


Well this is my entry loool. I would have made a render but I have no ideas of renders with her atm, so I just decided to do some concept art type of image. Hopefully this is fine xD I had fun making her... 

All resources from Star Wars: The Old Republic owned by BioWare, Electronic Arts, LucasArts and Disney - The resources were modified by me to fit my design.

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